who specializes in acquiring talent within the fields of Executive Leadership, Middle Management, Human Resources, Legal Counsel, Accounting, Health Care, Sales & Marketing, Technical and board of directors all throughout the United States. As HR specialists, we utilize our extensive network of exceptional industry connections to help pair the right candidate with the right position, each and every time, so that our clients can move on and foster successful business partnerships with their newly acquired talent.

With our world class team of recruiters, we work each and every day to work diligently, identify candidates, and thoroughly screen them in order to best meet the needs of our vast network of partnering business, firms, and organizations.

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Exceptional Recruitment Is Everything In Today’s Business Climate

In today’s fast-moving business climate, why waste crucial time, energy, and resources trying to accomplish a task that your team really isn’t suited to accomplish? Finding the right candidates to fill critical positions within your company like Executive, Middle management, HR, legal counsel, Technical, Sales & Marketing, Health Care or board of directors is no easy task, and it simply isn’t worth the resources to spend time properly identifying, contacting, screening, and vetting prospective employees for these high-level positions when you can work with a specialized recruiting firm that can get the job done faster, cheaper, and without skipping a beat!

With that said, when these businesses actually do find the time, the main goal is to acquire the type of high-end talent who possesses the skills and knowledge to seamlessly integrate themselves into their new position, without the need for an extensive onboarding process that only seems to slow things down.

Because exceptional recruitment and talent acquisition is everything in today’s business climate, why not let a team of qualified recruitment experts take the load off of your shoulders and compile a list of candidates who are more than qualified, and more than capable of immediately stepping into your vacant position and making an impact? 

Build Your In-House HR Department Into A High-End Talent Acquisition Team

Talent Acquisition & Recruitment Coaching

At Jacob Darr Associates, we frequently work with businesses, corporations, and organizations across the industries of HR and legal counsel to help provide their in-house team with cutting-edge approaches to modern-day talent acquisition. It’s no secret that leadership development and coaching strategies work to help companies foster more long-term sustainable efficiency and growth, but did you know that HR coaching and development strategies can also work to help you recruit a talented, capable workforce prepared to drive organizational productivity?

For your in-house team of recruiters, they should be prepared to do just that, recruit! However, if they’re not fully aware of everything that these new and emerging positions like IT entail, they may not be best prepared to provide your business with a strong list of capable applicants.

When we partner with in-house recruiters, we work to coach them on modern recruitment techniques, complete with hands-on training, workshops, and development sessions, so that they can strategically position themselves to recruit only high-end talent for your business. By simply recognizing the demands that a modern business must meet on a daily basis, your in-house recruiters can be more aligned with what types of skills, experience, and backgrounds are required in order for prospective applicants to fill open positions.

Here at Jacob Darr Associates, we work to educate Human Resource professionals on the crucial aspects of talent acquisition, so that they can continue on to attract exceptional workers to fill their open positions without the need to outsource.

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