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Come work with me!

FANTASTIC JOB OPPORTUNITY (and it’s with me 😎) 1.) Marketing Coordinator 2.) Recruiting Coordinator 3.) Account Manager Office + Virtual Position – You should be somewhat local to High Point, …

Your Resume SUCKS!

Your Resume Sucks By: Jacob Darr   Let’s face it: your resume probably sucks.    Don’t beat yourself up about it, though. The trends for hiring and human resource expectations …

Employer Branding in 2020

Jacob Darr’s view on Employer Branding The merits of employer branding are no longer up for debate: in today’s workplace environment, employer branding is on par to be one of …

Number 1 Challenge For HR Leaders in 2019

Paying attention to federal changes The Trump administration is having a significant impact on the workplace. There has been a continual push toward a smaller federal government, directing more authority …

Millennials in the Workplace

Millennials in the Workplace Millennials are a unique generation in terms of their workplace desires. They desire a true sense of belonging within their company, place less emphasis on salary, …

Closing the Gender Gap at Your Company

Closing the Gender Gap at Your Company   The phrase “gender gap” has been buzzing through human resource departments in recent years. It refers to the discrepancy in opportunities, attitudes, …

Benefit Trends to Watch in 2019

Along with a shifting political climate, the impacts of the Affordable Care act will still need navigating in 2019 as health care costs remain a prominent issue. As we close …


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