Come work with me!


(and it’s with me ūüėé)

1.) Marketing Coordinator

2.) Recruiting Coordinator

3.) Account Manager

Office + Virtual Position – You should be somewhat local to High Point, NC. You will work from your home or wherever you might travel but will meet with me and the team personally from time to time, face to face. This will allow you flexibility in your life. You will also work some in the office.

If you have a child and drop him/her off at school in the morning and wished you could pick him/her up and be home more – this is an opportunity for that. This position offers flexibility.

If you have a family issue and need to work less one week, you will make up those hours the next week – extream flexibility.

You will be part of a VERY tight team.

I will soon start posting videos and looking for a very special person in all my business outlets. I am dropping it here first. If you are interested or might know a rockstar, get connected with me.

This person is very important, critical, and will be directly related to the ongoing success of my business; it will be competitive and selective. Let me tell you first about the type of person I am looking for.

#1 You HAVE to be positive; you have to be a generally positive person in life. If you are negative, a gossiper, complainer, and generally an I hate life person – this would not be a fit. Assuming you did totally fake me out during the interview, I assure you that you would not make it ten days with me, so please take this one seriously.

#2 I don’t give a SHIT about your past education. What I care about is this: You need to be motivated in life, you need to be passionate about things in life, you should be positive, happy, bubbly, have a great personality, and most of all be a little hustler. You should be able to network and make friends easily, and you better be ethical and trustworthy. The bottom line here – You have to want something out of life.

#3 – Emotional Intelligence. Pure Talent is secondary to people skills.

#4 – con¬∑ti¬∑nu¬∑i¬∑ty – A True team is everything to me. Play well and be a member of the team, or don’t play at all.

#5 – Someone who values work/person/family flexibility

#6 – Self Starter – You self manage yourself and get your job done.

#7 – Discipline – You have to have the personal discipline to work

Your Goals are Simple

#1 – Win new clients

#2 – Recruit candidates to placement

I offer a salary, benefits, flexibility, and the best work culture you will EVER FIND – PERIOD.

Base Salary + Commission + Benefits

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