Services Details

Fractional CHRO Service

During an interim CHRO leave or vacancy or general consulting, Jacob Darr Associates provides Fractional HR Leadership/Fractional CHRO consulting.  Services like changes in all aspects of the human resources department, risk management, mitigation, all HR legal aspects, assistant in HR Lawsuits, payroll, employer branding, HRIS implementation, benefits, compensation, and more.

Professional Recruiting Services

By using our professional recruiting services, you’ll attract high caliber, experienced employees who fit your culture.

Employee Offboarding

Outplacement services that are effective and carefully vetted for success can assist laid-off employees to find a new job more quickly than the employee could manage on their own.

HR Audit and Operational Review

An HR Audit & Operational Review will help your company identify state and federal compliance discrepancies, which will prevent you from paying up to $100,000 in fines and penalties.

Employee Handbook and other Policy Development

Your employee handbooks lays the groundwork for how your business runs from day to day. We’ll help you create one from some employee manual templates or get your hr policy manual up to date.

Compensation Consulting Strategy and Planning

We’ll develop your company’s incentive compensation plan that is competitive, equitable, and attracts the right talent while enhancing the company culture.

Employee Training Programs

Our professionals will lead employee development programs that have been proven to significantly improve the productivity and effectiveness of your organization.

Strategy & Organizational Planning

More and more organizations have begun to understand how to turn their HR Departments into profit centers through strategic development. Strategic HR Consulting services from Jacob Darr Associates  will help you maximize your HR processes.

Leadership Development & Coaching

Although in some cases people need coaching to address work-related issues that have surfaced, it is most often the case that the individual who needs leadership development coaching has a great amount of potential, and just needs help getting there.

Performance Management and Motivation Strategy

Managing the performance of your employees is critical to achieving high performance. Jacob Darr Associates can help you design a performance management system that will ensure you are getting the most out of your employees.

Employment Background Checks

Background checks are extremely vital to the hiring process. Many employers often skip the important background check step in an effort to save time. This can be a very costly mistake. The fact is, past behavior is the best indicator of future behavior.

If proper background checks are not performed on job candidates there is no way of knowing what their complete background is, other than trusting your job candidates to be up front and honest.