About Us

Defined Process - Efficient and Effective - the Jacob Darr Associates Search Process.

Jacob Darr Associates is committed to presenting your best-fit candidate using a process for executive search that is proven, efficient and effective. Our process includes four phases: Project Initiation, Sourcing, Recruiting, and placement.

The Project Initiation Phase

The launch begins with a “Discovery Call”. In this call, we discuss your goals and the specifics of the role to be filled. This information is used to create a Specification Document. A search strategy is determined, and all internal documentation is set up in our CRM. We also define the Recruiting/Employer Branding message to the market, complete all outreach messages and get to work.

The Sourcing Phase

Our sourcing phase begins with developing a comprehensive list of potential candidates, researching contact details, additional candidate mining, contact validation, and finally producing a master report of all candidates who match your role. Once sourcing is finalized, recruiting begins. 

The Recruiting Phase

Our recruiting phase begins with conducting hundreds of phone calls, social media messages, mail letters, and many other outreach methods. We leverage any networking opportunity, conduct talent development, interview candidates, navigate potential counter offers, and present candidates.  

The Placement Phase

During our placement phase, we fully support you and the candidate. We will extend the offer, navigate any counteroffer, manage through the transition and follow up.

Weather you partner with Jacob Darr Associates for Human Resources, Executive, Paper, Tissue & Consumer Packaging, general Manufacturing or General Leadership you can count on us to deliver  and bring you candidates who will grow your company.