Executive Recruiting Firm Placing Human Resources, Leadership, Manufacturing and In House Legal Counsel.

About us

Jacob Darr Associates

Is a leading executive recruitment firm based in High Point, North Carolina, serving the entire United States and specializing in the recruitment of Human Resource Executives, In House Legal Counsel, Manufacturing and Leadership all throughout the United States. Intent on providing exceptional talent acquisition, recruitment, and professional placement services, our highly-skilled team of recruitment professionals work diligently to identify, contact, and screen the very best talent available on the market. Serving as a business partner to various corporate employers, we work to market the company to the individual, as well as the benefits that each qualified candidate will receive in each particular position, so that we can help to pair the right candidate with the right organization to fill the right position.

Our advantage

We’ve been recognized as a top HR recruitment firm in the nation!

  • Our candidates are highly qualified.
  • We research, identify, and pursue the perfect match for your open positions.
  • We provide ongoing support and employee retention coaching to ensure a seamless placement experience.

We are a fast-paced team of professionals focused on quality, integrity, and dedication!

  • We understand corporate staffing requirements better than any recruitment firm.
  • We work exclusively with each client to provide a more intimate experience.
  • We have successfully placed hundreds of executives throughout our time in business.

We offer the most competitive prices with unparalleled service!

  • We work with clients to provide a customized experience with bespoke pricing models.
  • We foster strong and long-lasting professional business relationships with each of our clients.

Why Work With Jacob Darr Associates?

At Jacob Darr Associates, we’re proud to offer extensive recruitment and talent acquisition services specifically designed around Human Resource Executives, In House Legal Counsel, Manufacturing and executive leadership. Because of our unique specializations, we’re able to better meet the demands of today’s businesses looking to hire only the most suitable candidates for those positions. In addition, our unique areas of specialization provide a whole world of benefits for our partnering employers like:

  • We talk and interact with industry professionals each and every day. With that said, we know how to quickly identify top-tier talent that doesn’t just match the opening and prospective corporate culture, but the kind of top-tier talent who can inject your organization with a newfound energy.
  • We maintain a deep understanding and an extensive expertise in the process of recruiting. In addition, our unique and specific areas of specialization allow us to best determine the right candidate for the job.
  • Our staff is comprised of industry leading professionals and past human resource specialists. In other words, we know the job, we know the tasks, and we know the language to acquire high-end talent to fill your positions.
  • Our extensive database filled with thousands of qualified candidates across a number of different human resources functions allows us to work quickly and speed up the hiring process, so that you can reduce the financial implications of a crucial position remaining vacant for too long.
  • We’ve been recognized throughout the United States for our well-respected team of industry leaders, our extensive network of employers, and our experience, knowledge, and dedication towards providing a highly specialized recruitment service for our valued clients.
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