How to score that next big HR job!

How To Score That Next Big HR Job

The 3 Most Important Steps You Can Take When Pursuing A Career In HR!

When it comes to today’s job market, it is safe to say that nearly any industry within any particular field has a competitive talent market with hundreds, and perhaps even thousands of high-end prospective applicants fighting for only a number of positions. And in the coveted world of Human Resources, those openings can sometimes be few and far between because many HR Managers and other Human Resource professionals tend to ride out their careers until retirement.

However, there area few notable steps that you could take that could help you score that next big HR job. Want to know more? Take a look below at what we consider to be the three most important steps you can take when pursuing a career in Human Resources!


Ensure That Your Education Aligns With Current HR Trends

One of the most important steps you can take is to ensure that your education and academic background aligns with not just Human Resources as a whole, but with current HR trends. So, for instance, if you’re in the midst of determining your course of study in college, be sure that you specialize in Human Resources, as opposed to pursuing a broader degree in Psychology and then planning an attempt to apply that broad knowledge foundation to today’s business world – because trust us, that won’t be enough to help you land that job.

Focus on a business-oriented HR education to help ensure that you’re well-prepared to provide the proper personnel or business administration techniques throughout the workplace.


Look For Related Work Experience Options To Help Give You Hands-On Training

If you haven’t yet fully immersed yourself in HR, that’s okay! You may be entirely new to the industry and haven’t had the opportunity to join a fully dedicated HR team just yet. However, there are a number of different related work experience options that could let employers know that you have some hands-on training in relevant job duties like employee training, new employee onboarding/orientation, team development, workshopping, and much more!

The good thing here, is that you can be tasked with any or all of the above throughout a number of different job positions, including retail!


Consider Graduate Education or Advanced Certificates

While we don’t often advocate for credentials over relevant experience, we dobelieve that in the world of HR, credentials are definitely an important factor when hiring suitable talent for an open position. In Human Resources, there are number of different certifications available for applicants to pursue to help boost their chances with certified validation of their training and expertise.

For instance, we encourage interested applicants to look into certifications like Professional of Human Resourcesor graduate programs within the field of organizational leadership with related areas of specialization considered.

If you follow these three simple steps, we can all but guarantee that you’ve set yourself up to not only nail that job opening, but to have a successful career in Human Resources! Good luck!


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