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The nightmare of a Counter Offer.

Why You Should Never Accept A Counter Offer When You Resign It was a moment in my career that I will never forget. I had accepted a new job at a different company and when I went into my boss’s office to quit, with resignation letter in hand, he offered me a higher salary if I …

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Visa social media investigation

Social Media Information Now Required from All Visa Applicants

Foreign national workers applying for U.S. visas from abroad are now required to disclose their public social media and contact history from the previous five years. The Department of State policy directing consular officers to review applicants’ public social media history, past e-mail addresses and recent phone numbers when applying for visas could result in …

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HR take note of workplace violence

Workplace Violence is on the Rise

May 20, 2019   Workplace Violence is on the Rise   Among all the issues in the workplace, workplace violence is one that’s increasing at an alarming rate. Workplace violence refers to behaviors that include violence, threats or other conduct that threatens the safety of employees, customers, clients or others involved in a business or …

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HR v/s Millennials

Millennials in the Workplace

Millennials in the Workplace Millennials are a unique generation in terms of their workplace desires. They desire a true sense of belonging within their company, place less emphasis on salary, and care more about workplace flexibility. They want to feel socially connected to their coworkers and be productive at work as a way of being …

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Closing the Gender Gap at Your Company

Closing the Gender Gap at Your Company   The phrase “gender gap” has been buzzing through human resource departments in recent years. It refers to the discrepancy in opportunities, attitudes, status, and particularly, pay between men and women in workplaces across the country and the globe. Women hit a theoretically “glass ceiling” and seem unable …

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Internal recruiting training

Human Resource Talent Acquisition Coaching & Development

Human Resource Talent Acquisition Coaching & Development Train Your In-House Recruiters To Find The Best Talent In The Market When it comes to modern business, nothing is more important than maintaining a capable, talented, and dedicated workforce that helps to drive organizational production all across the board. For many of today’s businesses and corporations, their …

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