June 21, 2019, Take Your Dog To Work Day

8 Ways to Celebrate Take Your Dog to Work Day

Every June, a wonderful day comes along: Take Your Dog to Work Day! While our Pets at Work program means we have pets bounding through our headquarters every day, we still use Take Your Dog to Work Day as an excuse to put on an all-out extravaganza. Here are 8 ways your workplace can make this day awesome.

(Work somewhere that doesn’t allow pets? Not to worry! Here’s how to get your boss on board in three simple steps.)

1. Pack Smart

Just like you need your coffee and your headphones for work, your dog needs a few things to make the day more fun. Make sure you bring plenty of chew toys and puzzle feeders – you know, for the part of the day when you actually have to get work done! You’re also going to want to bring a water dish, a leash, cleanup supplies for any accidents (they happen!) and plenty of treats.

2. Craft a Special Nametag for Your Dog

It’s time for your co-workers to meet that snuggly pup who keeps you fetching after hours. Make the introduction fun by making your dog a special, personalized nametag. On it, write tips for having fun with your dog, such as “Ask me to spin in a circle for a treat!” or let people know if your dog has special needs. Use fun colors and imagery to show your dog’s personality.

3. Create a Playlist

Get everyone grooving with a dog-centric playlist. If you can, play it on your workplace sound system so everyone can get down!

4. Clear Up Plenty of Space on Your Camera

Take Your Dog to Work Day never fails to provide plenty of adorable photo ops. The last thing you want is for your phone to be out of space the second your dog starts posing with your co-worker’s adorable Pomeranian. Leave some space for plenty of silly outtakes — you won’t regret it.

5. Play Dress Up!

You’re definitely going to want to bring along some of your favorite dog props — bandanas, sweaters, costumes, bowties — whatever looks cutest on your furry best friend.

6. Put Together a Photobooth

See if your workplace is interested in hiring a pet photographer to capture portraits of all the pets who take part. These pics might be great assets for your company’s website! If they aren’t interested in hiring a photographer, you can still set up a photo space with a neutral background and plenty of props for people to pose with. Say cheese!

7. Treats for All!

Don’t forget to stop and ask everyone else’s dog to shake or high five! Have plenty of treats in a small container so you can reward them for a friendly hello.

8. Hit the Dog Park

Cruise around the neighborhood by your workplace to see if there are any dog parks. Giving your pooch a chance to run around and get some energy out over lunch will lead to better behavior in the afternoon. Make sure you bring water!

We hope you have tons of fun on this special day. We know we will!

Source: Purina.com

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