Landing The Perfect Career As A Corporate Legal Counsel

Landing The Perfect Career As A Corporate Legal Counsel

What Should You Do To Prepare For A Career In Corporate Law?

If you’ve got your sights set on landing the perfect career as a corporate legal counsel, there are a number of different ways you can go about pursuing the right educational pathway to help you get there. While becoming a lawyer obviously requires going to law school, there are a few things you should consider while traveling down that path.

Serving as a corporate legal counsel is not exactly the same as becoming a lawyer. In fact, it is much more involved in terms of understanding modern business practice and how it relates to our legal system. So, if you’re interested in pursuing a career as a corporate legal counsel, continue reading below to see what you should do to prepare for your career! 

Choose The Right Area of Specialization in Law School

If you’ve already made the decision to pursue a career as a corporate legal counsel, you should already be intent on going to law school, if you’re not already in the process of completing your studies. The good thing here, is that being admitted into law school does not require advanced prerequisite undergraduate experience. 

For many, potential law school applicants pursue a varying range of undergraduate majors, including business, history, philosophy, psychology, and much more, ultimately paving the way towards their future areas of specialization in law school. The key here, is that if you haven’t yet applied to law school, you prepare by studying hard for the Law School Admission Test, better known as the LSAT. 

Once admitted into the school of your choice, you’ll spend the first year of your 3-year program learning about law in a broader spectrum, including constitutional law, civil procedure, and legal writing. As you advance in your program, you’ll be given the opportunity to choose the right area of specialization that best aligns with your future career aspirations. This is precisely the time where you choose to specialize in corporate law, so that you are well prepared with the proper training, knowledge, and experience that will be expected of you when you look to land your dream job as a corporate legal counsel. And if you already have an undergraduate background in business, you’ll help to strategically position yourself for success right out of the gate! 

Consider The Industry You Wish You Work Within

After you officially receive your license and are admitted to the American Bar Association, you’ll be ready to officially begin your job search. As a corporate legal counsel, you’re essentially a legal representative for a business or corporation. As such, you’ll be tasked with a number of different responsibilities that include standard client representation, witness depositions, settlement negotiations, mergers and acquisitions, and much more. 

Consider your background, your experiences, your education, and your interests when determining the industry that you’d like to apply your newfound legal expertise. However, be sure that your interests and experiences align well with your intended position to help best position yourself to get the job of your dreams! 

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