Why hiring employees is so hard in 2019

Why hiring is so hard in 2019

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It’s super hard to hire people today!

Gone are the days of hundreds of qualified candidates beating down your doors for a position.  Now, we are faced with extended hiring timelines and extreme competition among candidates. Here are some of the main reasons hiring talent is so hard.

  1. Non Competes
  2. Everyone wants to hire the best 
  3. Limited talent pool 
  4. Candidates receive VERY aggressive counter offers 
  5. More companies are becoming employer centric

What can we do to shorten the timeline to hire:

  • Ensure your company is employer centric
  • Become an Employer of Choice
  • Evaluate your compensation plan and Salary Benchmarking Data – the best companies are paying top amounts
  • Work with experienced, seasoned recruiting firms that specialize in your area of expertise.  Here at Jacob Darr Associates, we specialize in placing top Human Resource talent and other professionals all over North America.
  • We have just published a blog talking about Record Low Unemployment.  Click Here and read all about this issue we are facing today.  It will only take a minute and will be valuable information.

Working with a seasoned and professional recruiter will yield excellent results and cut down the time to hire a great deal.  Jacob Darr Associates has deep experience recruiting top human resource professionals and other professionals.

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